Therapeutic Groups

Involvement in groups, although daunting for many, is a wonderful way of meeting others with similar experiences to yourself. Shared learning, in our experience, is invaluable.

TUNING INTO TEENS (6 week program)
A Parenting skills program for parents/grandparents of teenagers and young adults. It teaches parents to help their teen/young adult manage those big emotions of adolescents and early adulthood, and in turn manage their own emotions better too!

BRINGING UP GREAT KIDS (6 week program)
A parenting skills group for parents/grandparents of young children.

SENSATIONAL YOU! (4 week program)
A group for kids (with their parents). Helping kids to better understand their individual sensory preferences. From here we can trial different sensory input to help your child stay in the calm and focussed zone which is needed for learning.

A group for young adults wanting to increase their independent living skills.

To self-refer to these services, please complete the form on the contact us page. We look forward to working with you.