Sensory Processing Assessments, Sensory plans and interventions

We live in a sensory world. We interact with our environment by receiving information through our various senses and interpreting the information in a way that helps us to make sense of our world and where we are. 

The good thing about Sensory Processing is that everyone does it. We all naturally develop habits and strategies that we do to get ourselves access to what we enjoy and away from things we don’t. We have ways that we manage stress or unpleasant things. We have our own morning and sleep preparation routines. 

We know that when we find it hard to process or we miss out on information our body is receiving from our three internal and five external senses we can either under-respond or over-respond to incoming sensory input. This difficulty in receiving or processing sensory information can influence the quality of our engagement, participation and experience in everyday life. When this happens, we can use a Sensory Profile to explore how you are experiencing the world and what might help you to optimise your participation and engagement in activities you want or need to do.

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  • Development of collaborative treatment and life goals
  • Routine development
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Coping strategies to help manage the effects of symptoms on everyday life, for example anxiety management
  • Assistance to incorporate healthy habits and routines in your week, to support wellness and recovery
  • Development of Wellness and Safety Plans
  • Assessment of physical home environment
  • Parenting Skills